Lesson from the acorn

The oak tree is in the acorn. Looking at this beautiful but small round shape, no one would guess it will become a majestic oak tree. Of course, by itself it will not develop. It needs  the right conditions at the right time.


In the same way, humans are called to become what our ancestors and even ourselves cannot foresee. But to develop all of our potentialities, to evolve, some conditions are needed.  For humans, these must be voluntarily enhanced in the same way we surround the acorn of nutrients, water, earth and light, putting it in contact with and allowing it to be a part of a living whole. In the case of humanity these conditions need to be found in Nature and society.

Isis Code speaks and describes this code of life from and on which each and everyone of us unfolds. This code is expressed through the brain, which is a fractal aspect of the model. To know and understand the model leads us to understand what, why, how and who we are.

Quantum physicist David Bohm, Einstein’s protégé, spoke of an implicate order which sustains, guides and organizes energy. I call this the LIFE (Law Inherent to the Five Elements). Not surprisingly, as it is in all of us, perennial traditions intuitively expressed it through their myths and legends. Isis Code, published in 2013  and soon to be published Love Them Back to LIFE,  use an Ancient Egyptian legend and the Five Books of Moses as well as the newest results from brain research to bring this code into broad light.