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Official Review: Love Them Back to LIFE by Ariane Page

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[Following is an official review of “Love Them Back to LIFE” by Ariane Page.]

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4 out of 4 stars

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In her book, Love Them Back to LIFE: A Brain Theory of Everything, Ariane Page asserts there is a blueprint in nature that is the key to achieving a harmonious state of being within ourselves. LIFE is an acronym for Law Inherent to the Five Elements, where the elements are: physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. In 432 pages (Kindle edition), the book is relentless in presenting information to corroborate Page’s position, citing doctors of varying specialties, scholars, the Bible, politicians, scientists, Wikipedia (gulp), and even an astronaut. It is an intricate webwork of philosophy, psychology, and self-help.

According to Page, society has gotten away from holistically navigating the complexity of human needs, and as a consequence people suffer ailments (in each LIFE component) at a younger age and with greater frequency. Feminine and masculine polarities-which are independent of gender-are examined, and it is theorized that the evolutionary breakdown of relationships between the LIFE elements is due to a decline in the receptive feminine polarity. The brain is a focal point of this book as Page expounds on the idea that a brain is as individual as a fingerprint, and the only way to fully grasp its role is to apply the LIFE model to the interconnectedness of human expression. It is the brain-and its disharmony with LIFE-that is responsible for diseases; “The brain and the body are one.”

The book is a sprawling combination of science and philosophy, but Page incorporates personal anecdotes and pictures to ease the complex nature of the narrative. The book hosts an enormous “Notes, References, and Selected Bibliography” section, clearly denoting extensive research and preparation. Through careful organization, subtopics are seamlessly woven into the original postulate. The book has undoubtedly undergone editing, as there were very few discernable errors. There is an intriguing ethereal tone to this publication, offering a unique take on both modern and ancient science as well as psychology, religion, and theology.

If there is an element of this book that warrants critique it is Page’s circumlocutory writing style, which may be off-putting to a reader that is looking to gain information without substantial mental investment. It is my personal opinion that a book claiming to hold answers to optimizing all facets of an individual’s health should use language that assists the reader’s comprehension. That said, I believe Page truly shines in her chosen style and feel a great many readers could see this book through without significant frustration.

Although this book turned out to be too alternative for my palate, it is without hesitation that I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. It is thoughtfully-contrived, innovative, and well-researched. I think this book would appeal to a reader interested in finding unconventional means of promoting holistic self-care.

Love Them Back to LIFE
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