Perception and the Sense of Love

The period of the Holidays will soon be upon us. I wish for all of you to find happiness in the year to come. If my books can help you achieve this, than my wish is coming true.

Whichever faith we practice or even if we have no faith, this is a perfect time to reflect on the year that is ending  and to open our hearts to the new one. I would propose for the approaching year to meditate on perception

Perception rules our lives. In reality we all live in worlds that we perceive differently, this is why to judge others on the way our own little wheels turn is not compassionate. But how can one change perception? It is not something that can be done overnight but there is a way:  by developing our sense of love. In Isis Code, I name it the sense of synergy.  It is a superstructure we all possess, associated to the perception of a vast array of subtle energies and of feelings.

This sense of synergy works through our feminine polarity which is not gender related but is given to everyone. Haven’t you noticed how things feel, smell, sound, and look different when you are truly in love? This happens because our perception has changed through the stimulation of our feminine polarity. Our sense of synergy is in action.

This new chosen companion will expose, among other things, our feminine and masculine psychological characteristics. To understand this is primordial, because this perception of “the feminine” and “the masculine” influences every aspect of human life, whether it is on personal, social, religious, or scientific levels. It even affects choices of government and our health.

Understanding this can give us control over this mortal aspect of ourselves, this periphery of our being we call the personality or self.

A sense requires a physiological support: receptors, regulators, the ability to metabolize the information received from the environment and direct it to the brain. It also adds effect to the other senses. Since love depends on perception and reception, this is why I consider it a sense. This sixth sense of synergy implies many elements working together. Its holistic quality also indicates that the merging of these elements will manifest a different property, unattainable through the simple addition of its parts. Perception will be changed.

top of the world

Because of my family background, I had to question myself early on about the nature of our body. Now, fifty years later I can finally say that our brain is a projection of our body in the same way our body is a projection of our brain. However, we are above all a complex adaptive system, a LIFE biosystem, which encompasses and expresses itself through brain and body in a field type structure, itself a fractal aspect of a Master system. The brain to me is in fact the main vector and expression of who we are in this finished dimension. As our heart, it is placed at the crossroad between our inner and outer lives, between manifestation and potentiality. It will define not who we are but what we will be allowed to manifest.

The other day I was listening to a documentary about deaf people and of their fight for the promotion of their natural way of communication: the sign language. The animator who was signing the commentary was explaining how she saw the world when she was a little girl. She believed that people naturally communicated by telepathy and should therefore understand the messages she was sending them through her head. But they didn’t understand her. She didn’t know people had to talk to be understood.  She felt invisible.  And I believe many children do.

 The problem with many adults is that their point of view, their perception  is mostly tied and limited to the world they personally perceive as an adult.  So they compare a child to who they are now physically, they will judge someone as handicapped  in comparison of what they, themselves, can do, and a stranger is in comparison to the language they themselves speak. Then there is the gender.  Then what is a human for our present society? An external common denominator tied to our own identity. But this is wrong. If we could change our point of view and see that every person is an immortal consciousness that is walking on this earth which is a strange world indeed for it and that this soul wants only one thing and it is to receive and give love, then the way we act towards children and people in general would be totally different.  Some little girls wouldn’t feel so lost anymore.Of course it is not a question of hugging everyone at the office next Monday.  Because then you would attract sarcasm and raise a few eyebrows. No, this sense is secret and centered on the heart. Silence is his language. This is the world of the feminine polarity. It is the sense this little girl was trying to use to communicate with her parents.

My great uncle was a general superior for the Congregation of the Clercs de Saint-Viateur and director of the Institution for the Deaf of Montreal where he promoted sign language following  Joseph-Marie Young. He dedicated his entire life to communication.  I am sure he would agree with the following:  We presently suffer from a type of blindness and deafness and that we need a new language to help us communicate with reality on all its levels. The LIFE biosystem proposes this new language. In my new book to be published in the next few months: “Love them back to LIFE” I introduce this new language.

May you feel in the year to come that you are at the top of your world, and that this world is filled with love.  Happy Holidays,