Love Them Back to LIFE : A Brain Theory of Everything

In my last book Love Them Back to LIFE  I underline the fact that with the rise of modern science, we have turned our backs to a holistic point of view of life necessary to a balanced human life and also essential to the scientific process.We need to reacquaint ourselves with it if we want to pursue our walk on the path of evolution.

Cover Love Them Back to LIFE

This holistic point of view is what we are after when we sit down to meditate. It is what generations of monks and nuns have unconsciously tried to develop within themselves: a complete human in harmony with the complete model expressed through nature.  Now meditation is going mainstream.  We need to apply this to the entire structure of society, not only to individuals.


This model, which I have baptized the LIFE (law inherent to the five elements) can not only be found expressed in nature around us but the human brain itself is an expression of it. This is what I showed in Isis Code.  This makes sense as it is nature who modeled this brain to what it has become.

This antique tradition of holism is not only a question of personal salvation anymore.  The model practitioners try to emulate should now be consciously applied to our social structures themselves, even to our governments. It is a question of psychological hygiene. When illnesses such as tuberculosis, typhoid fever and cholera did hit humanity, it is through physical hygiene that we won the fight. Death toll of the new mothers was also reduced through the simple act of doctors washing their hands… Now I suggest psychological hygiene through the understanding and widespread application, in all domains of this model. What we did for our physical dimension needs to be done for our psychological one. This is the only efficient way to fight back against depression, fanaticism and the likes. We urgently need a new model for society.

Carl Gustav Jung (psychanalysis) , David Bohm (quantum physicist), Roberto Assagioli (psychosynthesis) and many others have felt that there was an organic  model behind the organic world we live in.  This model we can find etched in many sacred scriptures, myths and legends.  In my book I take the example of the Five Books of Moses.

I will end today with a quote from Love Them Back to LIFE p.122

“The problem with religion is when it is used by people who are dominated by their masculine polarity and therefore have a problem with the feminine one. This feeds the fundamentalists and fanatics. It has nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with covert or overt desires for power. Not surprisingly, most fundamentalists are men. It is a sign of a deficient feminine polarity. They can be of any religion, but can also be found in any social domain. In fact, they can be present in any social pyramid. It is not religion that causes wars; it is the reptilian brain disconnected from the feminine polarity. A universal model for spirituality would not give rise to these problems. Religions should recognize all the cultural roots and the collective unconsciousness. Consequently,identifying the universal system behind religions is a necessary step toward global peace. Religions have an element of personality in them, thus, the phases they might put forward are not necessarily relevant now. Competitiveness and greed for power, using the cover of religions, have caused more wars and hardship for the population than religions per se. These are the real culprits. Identity is a necessity for human beings, and for now, religions and what is left of royalty, however faulty they may be, are the only ones that can somewhat fill the gap left by modern thinking.
To dismiss them as obsolete is ill advised. We need to understand their function and the need they answer, as well as rehabilitate and reintegrate them into a holistic and natural world.”

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