LIFE: Nature’s Code

As you may know, I am the author of Isis Code: Revelations from Brain Research and System Science on the Search for Human Perfection and Happiness. Although it was published in December 2012, a terrorist group was labelled by the media with the name of the goddess I refer to in the book  -a huge symbolic mistake- starting in 2013.   Therefore you will find my newer posts here on (2).jpg

You will find texts about this five dimensional approach to people (the LIFE model), based on the results from brain research, from a new perspective on Taoism and Jungian psychology. As individuals, our physical, emotional, mental and social selves are similar to different parts. Nowadays, these have divergent interests.  To gain coherence, we need to apply a coherent model to our lives. This model is the one used by nature.  I named it the LIFE model.

As well I will post excerpts from Love Them Back to LIFE, winner of an IndieFab and of a Readers Favorites award (philosophy and psychology).

Cover Love Them Back to LIFE


Also, next month I will publish two books in French : Homme… Femme… un Nouveau Regard. Le Code Invisible de la Nature et du Cerveau Humain, volume 1 and 2. This means that this new blog will offer some posts in French and others in English. I am open to suggestions from readers!

I will republish Isis Code in two volumes in the following months. The new title The Invisible Code of Nature in the Human Brain: Tome I— A New Perspective on Masculinity and The Invisible Code of Nature in the Human Brain:  Tome II —A New Perspective on Femininity both published as well through Seagreen Star Books.

I pursue my Master of research in Psychology at the same time so all this should keep me busy.

Wishing you coherence,



coherent: united as or forming a whole