To be human is to search for coherence and meaning.

In health science, we observe that no single nutrient works in isolation. As with everything else in the physical body, elements work synergistically towards sustaining life. This does not stop to nutrients or organs though. Within our brain as well, different structures work together, in a nonlinear fashion. This, we call coherence.

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In physiology, coherence describes a state in which two or more of the body’s oscillatory systems, such as breathing, heart rhythm patterns, and brain cortical oscillations, become synchronous and operate at the same frequency. The natural advantage of this entrainment is that this  powerful team effort is more efficient into realizing a common goal. Think of a hockey team.

 With the LIFE biosystem, we observe such oscillations existing not only to express cycles and phases  within the physical body but on other levels also, consistent with a nonlinear model. Thus, the emotional, mental, collective (environmental) and symbolic (archetypal) oscillations overarching the physical ones can cooperate for coherence and identity. Until now, only “enlighten” people could consciously reach true coherence not only within themselves but with a master system.

 Indeed,  in a platonic sense, there is an all-encompassing master system (LIFE biosystem) of which we are fractal elements, with , potentially, the same attributes.  There is therefore an inner, subconscious motivation within all of us to reach coherence and entrainment. Coherence is highly economical. Similarly to, say, the birds flying in formation and harmony succeed better in reaching their migratory goal. The link we have to the master system creates an inner motivation of alignment with it, an affinity. We named this motivation evolution.


In Isis Code, I took the image of the five gods of Egyptian tradition as well as the  brain structural counterparts  to explain the five levels of human expression; Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set and Nepthys which are the emotional, social, symbolic, rational and physical expressions of human experience.


Isis Code book
Isis Code book

I explain that as humans, our inner Isis attempts, during our terrestrial life, to find and reconnect all our parts, which, as we travel the pathways of analysis, accepted values, and material life, have lost the cohesion and coherence of the master system. In our relentless pursuit of happiness, the search for the loved one—our complementary aspects—and the pursuit of knowledge- of meaning- are tools to find coherence.

As for now though, consciously or not, we are similar to a cut up Osiris, with the heart and its feelings here, the body and its needs over there, the mental living on its own, and the soul deprived of its vessel—lost. We often feel depressed, sad, as if we do not really exist. Our spirit is forever circling above, unable to find a proper nest.

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In turn we cannot manifest our individuality and, unknowingly, we are similar to Sleeping Beauty, forever unconscious, forever waiting for a prince to open our eyes to this multi- layered reality.  Isis Code provides a path to this inner pilgrimage to connect our different levels into a coherent, harmonious one; a true mirror image of the master system of which we all are mirrored albeit imperfect images.