Obama’s $100 million brain mapping project

President Obama just announced that $100 million will be put aside for the mapping of the brain. Although Europe and U.S.A. are both doing this – in a new type of space-race – such research can only give us a limited understanding of the brain. Einstein once said that what creates the problems in the first place can’t be used to fix those problems. And he is right; it is impossible to understand the brain using the linear approach we have been using thus far. ” The brain does not operate continuously but discontiguously.” (György Buzsaki, Rhythms of the Brain, (New York: Oxford University Press, 115)

 Also, different gender and age groups will use their brain differently for the same goal. For this money to be spent wisely therefore, we need to think “outside of the box”.

So, o.k., let’s talk about this brain.

We possess brain structures in charge of error monitoring. When these are inefficient, we may think that everything is fine, and believe problems only exist in some other individuals unable to cope with society and not with ourselves. Widespread and soon to become endemic, depression is one of many symptoms of this failing system shouting: “wake up, there is something really wrong.” It is not only the problem of some isolated individuals; it expresses a general problem within society. In this case, depressed individuals might act like the canaries  miners would bring into mineshafts to verify if there was sufficient amounts of oxygen.

We also have brain structures in charge of analysis, which, looking at our technological advancement, are clearly functioning quite well. However, since we are still lacking a correctly functioning error monitoring system, our analytical systems are working on a false basis.

This system will therefore believe as rational and true anything that it can follow in a linear fashion. It will end up pardoning psychopaths and dismissing rape. The Norway killer, responsible for dozens of deaths, has been deemed “healthy”, and in Halifax, a woman did commit suicide after a judge passed on her rape case. These two elements of underdeveloped or inefficient monitoring system and wrong analytical system are linked and they sprout from wrong social and educational choices we are making day in and day out. These originate in turn from an immature brain and are now starving and blocking the development of aspects of our brain which define us as human.

Only if we walk through all these brain aspects, learn what they represent and reintegrate all of them to work together within our psyche and within society will we find a project and direction for our lives which will not only heal us (and our environment of which we are an expression) but free us by unblocking the path to our evolution.

With  Isis Code, the reader embarks on an inner pilgrimage through the different aspects of his brain as well as through his different dimensions, bringing these to consciousness.  This in turn allows these to work as a unit in his psyche and  highlights the obesity and tyrannic stance of our analytical mind.